15-16 May 2024 | Ancona (Italy)

HYDRA project partners met in Ancona (Italy) at AUTOMA premises on May 15th and 16th, 2024 for the General Assembly after 6 months since the beginning of the project. During the event, all partners representatives were present to talk about the activities performed in the first months of the project. Isella Vicini, as Project Coordinator (BEWH) welcomed the Consortium, people in presence and remote participants, and opened the first day of the General Assembly Meeting. Rossella Urgnani, as Technical Coordinator (WH), presented the HYDRA project overview and status: she outlined the main tasks that were completed in the first 6 months of the project within the management and administrative work package. Then, the discussion turned to more scientific and technical issues related to H2 leakage monitoring system design, implementation, and validation and the study on the Scenarios of a future hydrogen economy.

During the second day of the meeting, the discussion was focused on less technical activities in fact partners talked about Hydrogen economy benefits and risks, mitigation strategies, and guidelines for policymaking and the activities done in the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation work package.