Unlocking a Sustainable Energy Research Journey

15-16 November 2023 – Bologna, Italy  

The HYDRA project kick-started its journey at the CNR (National Research Council) research centre in Bologna, Italy on November 15th and 16th, 2023. The event brought together representatives from all the consortium partners  to launch the four-year project and strengthen the commitment towards unlocking the potential of hydrogen in the energy and industrial sectors, evaluating potential benefits and risks. 


Insights and Work Packages Introductions 

During the kick-off, each partner gave short presentations introducing their organizations and roles in the HYDRA project, highlighting the contributions of each team to the overall mission. The highlight of the meeting was the comprehensive presentations by Work Package (WP) leaders, providing deep insights into the tasks and deliverables of their respective WPs. This collaborative knowledge-sharing session laid the groundwork for the detailed planning and execution of HYDRA’s diverse objectives. 

Connect and Collaborate with HYDRA 

As HYDRA embarks on this new adventure, we welcome collaborations and connections with projects and teams working on similar topics. Stay tuned for more highlights and key takeaways as HYDRA delves deeper into the hydrogen landscape.  

For detailed information about the project’s impacts and ongoing activities, check out the Project’s page.  

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15 November 2023
16 November 2023