23 February 2024 | Milan (Italy)

HYDRA project Technical Coordinator, Rossella Urgnani, participated to kick-off meeting of a just funded EU project in the Hydrogen filed: NHyRA project. During the event, Rossella had the opportunity to present the project in front of the NHyRA consortium and to find possibility of any synergies and networking activities. A big thank to Matteo Robino from Snam, project coordinator for inviting HYDRA.NHyRA will deliver a “”H2 releases”” inventory to serve as a reference for the scientific and industrial community. New or adequately adapted experimental, theoretical, and simulation methodologies will be validated to perform laboratory or in-field measurements to achieve the ambitious goal. Experimental tests will also be performed on the most critical elements of the #H2 value chains by the partners of the Consortium. A complete picture of the H2 releases’ scenarios in the middle (2030) and long (2050) term will be developed to enable decision-makers to identify and prioritize effective mitigation actions. And finally, the project will formulate recommendations for Standards and Technical Specifications.

Looking forward to our collaboration!